Cyber Security and its importance

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Hope you all are doing well, as I am but for today our health and situations are not the topics of concern here. We are going to talk about a major setback, which is common among all newly created sites these days.

As we have already advanced in Cyber security measures to protect the database of our users and so have the hackers these days. We all know that no matter what new security measure we implement we still face security issues as hackers evolve too so, what can be done about this. First thing you need is an IT Security Mentor, who can guide you to the right way of doing security.

One thing usually every high end developers suggest is that every developer these days should have basic knowledge of hacking. Now, I know what you guys might be thinking that what basic knowledge is against a fully equipped hacker who is just waiting you site to be published and get traffic so he/she might get some kind of data through your site.

There are many ways to CCNA online training and CCNA certification training  but these respective courses are very expensive with other institutions but you can follow above link to get a reference of expenses for these courses respectively.

We all have heard that “Iron cuts Iron” and “Virus kills another Virus”. So, why not prepare your site or an App with some basic security measures which you can find after testing it to be basic hack proof. Further measures can be applied through testing you site against a fully pledged ethical hacker who can point out the basic and advanced security points as per their skills. But for basic knowledge you can follow Network Security Online Training or Cyber security online training these link can be a great help if you want basic knowledge of ethical hacking.

I sincerely hope that you guys get a brief idea for the courses so that you can easily decide for yourself that is knowledge of cyber security necessary for developers like us? Or is it just a waste of time.

You may decide after reading several articles on how is it important to get the basic idea or knowledge about hacking so you may think as a hacker to protect a site you may be working for a client or for yourself.

Good luck and have a nice day.

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